Friday, June 1, 2012


We gardeners always seem to be longing for some sort of weather different than what we have, last year too much water, this year too little rain, but this week we've sort of remedied that, it's been a little wetter, mostly on the days that I wanted to get some work done outside, but hey it's tough to complain- when things are taking so long to germinate because it's so dry. We've had really windy days out here, and that makes things dry out quicker. We bought a little 50 gallon tank that fits the back of our 'gator, and so far it's been the best investment yet- we've been keeping the strawberries watered and they look really good so far, only two of them haven't taken- so two out of sixty ain't bad.

Anyhow- we've been out transplanting, and my mom is visiting from out west, so we've been soaking up Nana, and doing some sewing, and planting and mulching and weeding, and making chocolate chip cookies, and perogies, it's been a nice visit. As always, when Mom visits I plan too much stuff to do and we only get a portion done, but I'm pleased to say that we got some cushions sewn up for some outdoor furniture, and I'm excited to get it outside and take some photos of it, not to mention enjoy the summer out lounging on it.

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