Saturday, June 30, 2012

Night Flowering Catch fly

We've been leaving this weed out among the tomatoes, because it looked like it was some sort of flower, and I couldn't quite figure it out, I thought maybe it was a calendula that self seeded, or some sort of other wild flower. Well- we figured out what it was as soon as it flowered- Night flowering catchfly. It's got very a very distinctive veined base on it's flower- which is sticky to the touch. It's not a noxious weed- but not good among clover and forage crops. I think we'll let it grow for a bit here- though maybe we'll dead head it. It's not among my worst weeds, though I suppose if I let it go to seed it will be. I think the flowers likley attract some beneficial insects to the garden and it doesn't seem as prolific as some weeds, like shepards purse which produce seeds like crazy.

Anyhow- here's a link to a good weed i.d. website for manitoba weeds.

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