Saturday, June 30, 2012

Potatoes at Dusk

the garlic bed, after weeding, watering and mulching.

I'm so impressed with these potatoes, heirloom varieties that are produced locally, and are growing so great. Maybe it seems amazing because last year all the potatoes failed, so we only harvested four tubers. But this year we're really going to have some potatoes, and we're so excited. Also I was excited to be outside as the sun was setting, something that doesn't happen too often around here at the height of summer, now that N is attached to her nine o'clock bedtime. It's funny how kids get on a schedule and it totally messes thing up when they get off of it. If we keep her up that extra hour, you would think logically she'd be so tired that she'll sleep in a bit- like say maybe get up at eight instead of seven, but really what happens is that she gets up at six, or five thrity. And it really kills you. Incidentally if you put her to bed early she'll often sleep in a bit more, kids are so wierd, you think you've got them figured out, and they go and change on  you.

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