Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In the Garden

We've had a few nights of hard freezing this last week- and so most things are done out there- the Kale and Carrots are still hanging on- but that's all. Even the Swiss Chard is finished. All in all it was an excellent year for the garden, the freezer is full of produce and we've made it to November without having to use our freezer stores. I usually plan to have enough veggies in the freezer to last for about 7 months- from November to May, so that we're eating right up until we can (hopefully) start harvesting some salad greens, or at least some chickweed in the spring.

This year is better than most in that we've still got green tomatoes, and will probably have fresh tomatoes until December! Also I've transplanted a few Chard plants and a couple of Kale plants to bring inside, I don't know if they'll grow well- but Hopefully they will and we can keep on eating some fresh greens in the winter too.

It feels good to have the garden wrapped up for the year though- I'm happy to have the soil tilled, and to start thinking about hunkering down inside, baking bread and making soup.

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