Friday, October 14, 2011

I not baby!

This is the refrain in my house at the moment " I not baby!" If I say "Hi Babe"- she says- "no hi babe", I can occasionally call her Honey, and get away with it but most times she just wants to be called by her name, and she vociferously objects to Baby or Babe. It's like she's training us. She's been pushing us a lot this week- I suppose she's growing up, but we've been having a lot of battles about little things- I suppose when you're two the little things are all you have- even though I try not to battle with her- some days it feels like everything she wants to do is dangerous, and she is defending her right to plummet off the couch into the glass coffee table no matter what the cost.

Don't get me wrong- she's far from the monster children we've all heard stories about, but still, it's tough to be challenged all the time. On the upside though- she's been dry for a few nights this week- and no accidents during the day- perhaps a little challenging is the price you pay for a pee free home. She's also learned to count in the last few weeks- barring numbers 4 & 5 she can count to ten (with a little prompting)! I'm shocked by this, I have no idea if it's above average, or below average or just average- but I'm not going to look it up- I'm just going to use it as proof of her brilliance, even if it's not.

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  1. Cute! The 7-yr old sometimes grumbles, under her breath, "I am not a baby." when I forget and cuddle with the B-word. Old habits die hard. I think you're right to think it's part and parcel of the growing/learning major new skills. At least you can still call the cats 'baby' despite their advancing years!