Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bear with me

 I'm sorry to say that trying to get all the fall chores done before my winter chores start to pile up too is keeping me really really busy- the end result is that I take lots of pictures which I mean to post and then never get a chance to post them, until they are ridiculously out of context. I'm also trying to sneak in ways to recharge a bit and to enjoy the fabulous fall weather we're getting, it's so nice I was outside planting bulbs for indoor forcing in a tank top!( yes this is apparently the week to plant bulbs to force inside- and if you get at all nostalgic for spring in February you should put a little time in to do just that- it will make you so happy in the winter to look at some hyacinths- it's easy too- check out this post at A Garden for The House for more info).

So in an effort to enjoy the fall colours- we took a walk in the oak woods near our house. We're so lucky to have this space on our property- man what a great spot to go explore in- I think N just about burst she was so satisfied with our "adventure" in the woods. We also picked up some acorns that I'm hoping to turn into trees...not sure quite how...or when...but I'll figure that out later.

Anyhow- I'll still be posting, while I try to tie up some lose ends around here- but maybe not as frequently, so bear with me- and enjoy the warm fall! 

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