Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Inadvertant Gnome

The weather has turned this past week and it is well and truly fall here now, I think that the nice days will be few and far between, so in an effort to ward off the cold I've started knitting, this hat knit up really quickly- and because I sort of made up the pattern as I went, it ended up with this surprising point at the top (I decreased too much, and kept knitting when I should have just. stopped.) at first I thought I'd have to take it back, but after trying it on her I thought it looked so cute, and the addition of a pom pom, just made it so gnome/ 50's martian, that I decided to keep it.

I may possibly knit her another more decorous winter hat- we'll see, for know the gnome hat has just enough whimsy to keep it on her head- sometimes indoors, which is great because I refuse to turn the heat on in September, so it's a bit chilly at our place right now. Both K and I are lusting after a wood stove right about now, I think that may pass when we turn the heat on- but you never know- the idea of a fireplace is an appealing one- especially when the cold weather starts in September and lasts till May.

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  1. I love a good gnome. Put a rake in her hand, or a wee wheelbarrow, and some shiny MaryJanes, and she's all set.