Wednesday, September 14, 2011


An early hard frost came last night- and is supposed to hang around for a couple of nights, so we were on full time harvest mode, all the large green tomatoes came off (we're estimating close to 1000 tomatoes!), the sunshine squash and the butternut squash also came off,  because I couldn't find any info on whether they'd survive the frost- and apparently they'll ripen fine off the vine, same as tomatoes. The large zucchini got pulled, and man were they large, and the patty pan squash got covered up, some of them with the pulled zucchini plants (is there an end to that plant's usefulness?). We pulled the basil, harvested the beans, and cucumbers, and the meager supply of tiny eggplants.

We covered a few things- peppers, and cherry tomatoes, watermelon, and one cucumber vine, and there is nothing like trying to fit a king sized sheet over a patch of Cherry tomatoes to give you a sense of scale. It's really amazing how small things look out in the garden and then you bring something huge from the house out there- and it's completely dwarfed by the tomato plant (note to future self- prune tomatoes early- like before they try to stage an uprising).

Anyhow- fall is in the air here- and in the sniffly nose- and I guess that means summer is trying to end- though it's supposed to be 29 degrees (Celsius) on Sunday- so maybe my watermelon will ripen after all.

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