Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little facelift

We've put in a new Kitchen Island, finally, and I'm in love. It's bigger than the other one (which shall go picture less on the blog- but we'll just say that it matched the cupboards and was a solid chunk of a thing with a tiled top- a bumpy tiled top- very in style for when the kitchen was re-done- but losing a bit of it's designer edge with time), so anyhow- the top is wider and longer on this table- but it feels much more open and spacious in the kitchen because of the open base.  It's an old dukhobor work table that was stripped when we got it- it's made of oak and birch which is unusual- they didn't usually work with oak, so the legs and stretchers were probably re used form another mission style table (they would have turned the square legs to a more traditional style). And the man built the base out of an oak table top and mouldings from an old family homestead.

I love the warmth it brings to the space, and the colour of the wood and the usability of a smooth top, and honestly the extra four inches make huge difference- the girly can stand at a chair and lick batter off a spatula help, and I can still work, it's funny how these little changes make the whole space feel so different, so much more like our house. I always feel a bit funny about them though- this house was my In-Laws before it was ours, my husband grew up here- he did the kitchen re model with them the first time, and so it's always a bit awkward to suggest changes- this time though after we got it in the house he stood back and said -it's funny because it looks like it's always been this way, and I have to agree- never has a change needed less adjustment, I guess we were just really ready for this one.

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