Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Seed

I'm loving my containers this year- I didn't fuss over them like I usually do- taking hours to decide what would be best- what colour scheme, I just bought a ton of Lobelia, and pansies, and violets and grew some petunias and sweet peas from seed. I put them in and stopped fussing- well okay I fuss a bit, bu only when I feel like it, and I also bought some sweet potato vine- which is a must have- so easy and pretty.

But I'm especially proud of my petunias, these two are the only ones that survived I don't know what I did- too much water- too little water? could be either really- and the fact that one is white while the other is the veined pink I bought is also a bit mystifying- (albino petunia? who knew?) but regardless- they are growing and spreading and will be lovely, and they're the first petunia's I've ever really liked, so yay for starting form seed!

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