Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Love...My Babe

(I can barely believe that those pictures are of the same girl-how fast they grow)

Prayer For a Daughter
God of man and God of nature,
Shape my daughter like the seasons.
Give her all the song of springtime
And the subtlety of April,
Generosity of summer,
Warmth and all the sweet fulfillment,
And the sparkling wit of Autumn,
Color like October hillsides.
Lest her charms may be too many,
Give her something of the winter:
Stars and distances and silence,
Courage of the open spaces,
Wisdom of the waiting branches.
Don't forget to give her winter.
Esther Wood


  1. Awesome poetry.
    I can see the direct nature of your baby in those two photos. They say (in this case, the nurse in the maternity ward where I first gave birth), well, she says that each newborn has a distinct personality from birth. Forthright and looking like she knows what she wants. That is how I see your One.

  2. This is a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing this Angela!