Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Love...Houseplants

These flowers have made the house feel so much more welcoming and warm than it usually does in February. It's a luxurious feeling to have plants inside- one that I haven't had until this year because the cats have habitually eaten all the plants I've ever brought home. Nelson will even pull flowers out of vases and run through the house with them clenched in his teeth like he's doing the tango. But they leave things that smell alone for the most part and these Paperwhites smell a little like burning wire (K identified the smell- he said he was looking for any possible causes one day, until he finally realised it was the flowers).
I have no idea what the first flower is though -it's a tree like plant with not very many leaves but lots of flower buds- maybe a double flowering hibiscus?? any ideas??


  1. Aren't Narcissus beautiful and beautiful to watch as they grow?

  2. Yes- this is the first year I grew them and I was surprised at how fast they grow and how long they last for- our have been in bloom for over two weeks now!