Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Time to-do's

Hi there, I'm Angela, and I'm a procrastinator, and not just with unpleasant things. I say that I want to do stuff, simple stuff, like make sourdough bread, or clean out a closet- then it takes me months- or years even- to do it. Don't get me wrong, I get stuff done- but I always seem to p have a few things that take forever to get done, when they shouldn't.

And so, I'm going to write a list of things I want to finish- and you all can hold me to it- all of these things must be done by Spring, some things must be done sooner, and some things will be ongoing. My hope is that by writing it all down in a public place I'll be shamed into action, and just get it done.

so here goes, I've tried to go a bit easy on myself, so bear with me:

1. Make good Sourdough Bread- this will require some experimentation, I've tried but not really produced a great loaf, and it's my favorite type of bread.

2. Make Mozza cheese, I recently bought some rennet, and while this will probably also require experimentation, I'm very excited about it.

3. Organize and finish decorating N's room- I know, she's 15 months old for god's sake- see what I mean about procrastinating- I started this room when she in the womb!!!

4. Give my wardrobe a makeover- I'm sick of schlepping around the house, It's fine to wear house clothes (yoga pants, hubby's sweaters, painting clothes) around the house when you don't spend roughly all your time there, but when you work from home- plus stay at home, it gets to be a bit much.

5. Finish decorating the living room. -I need to hang some art, and make some cushions, and arrange my shelves, it's not too bad in here- but I have projects and plans and they're hanging over my head.

6. Establish a studio practice for clay- One where I work a little every week at least- maybe only a couple of days a week, maybe every other day, but I need to set myself some time where I do this work, it's important for so many reasons, and this is possibly the biggest thing I can do to avoid the major meltdown of working that always happens for me before a deadline.

Okay that's it- I promise to post about my progress- and you all can keep me in line- in person or in the comments- deal?


  1. Deal. I was thinking of the Yarn Harlot's "Tuesdays are for Spinning" so that she has enough yard to actually knit with, and the stash of non-yarn (can't think of the name for it right now) doesn't take over the house.

    Sounds like you need to pick a day and make it your clay day.

  2. Oops. "yarn" not "yard" Holy cow, how much space could one need if you needed a whole yard to knit in?

    You don't wanna see *my* list(s). We call them spreadsheets, around here. And it ain't pretty. Case in point: was shovelling quarter round gravel off the driveway yesterday. Doesn't sound too procrastination-like, until you hear I had to shovel the snow off the pile first! BWA Ha ha!
    Seriously. That was too late to leave that job.