Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snow Day

Sorry about the hiatus- we were away for a short trip out west- and then once we were home we got sick, a short cold by all accounts, but a rough one- even K was down for the count and he usually toughs out a cold by watching war shows and drinking hot toddies for an evening (if you can call that toughing it). N still has a few sniffles, but everyone is feeling much better, so I actually got to some of my fall cleaning- right before we finally got some snow- well more than some actually- lots of snow which fell in big fat flakes, and reminded me why I love winter.

And allowed us to give N her first taste of Snow, she wasn't a huge fan of being bundled up- but I've been letting her walk around in her snow boots for a bit (is there a more Canadian skill?), so she has the hang of that at least. The snow wasn't cleared in front of the house so she had a hard time walking around, but she seemed to enjoy it- she was surprised that it was cold when she touched it to her face- ooh how fun is this winter going to be?


  1. Hi - super snowy here, too. Very annoying when you just shovel it and it re-snows. Honestly! Very cute baby. Has she made a snow angel yet? Inquiring minds want to know (whose name starts with B).

  2. What a cute little snow bunny! She looks like such a BIG girl now.....when did that happen?