Monday, October 11, 2010

Slab Mugs

These are the latest finished peices- I'm really in love with this Black glaze and the way it turns blue when it's rubbed off, it brings the pattern out so nicely. I'm a bit nervous that these will be seen as 'too artsy' for people, but they are a refined version of slab mugs that generated a lot of interest this summer those ones were clunky- and these have a nice wight to them- not too heavy, and a nice edge for drinking out of, but they still have what I think is an appealing rustic quality to them.

The top photo is a glaze I tried out and loved- a really simple clear base recipe that supposedly fires well from cone 4-10. I like it clear, and the addition of stains makes it break nicely over raised bits. I thought the purple-blue would be a bit more reddish- but it's growing on me- and it looks great over a copper carbonate green. I'm super happy with the clear glaze, and so I'm going to use that as my base from now on, I love it when glaze tests work out!

Happy thanksgiving everyone! hope your weekend was great.

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