Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brandon's Big One

This is the poster for the Arts and Craft sale that I'll be attending. It's a big show- lots of vendors- 200 booths! yikes! I'm coming along with all my stuff, and though my last minute glaze tests have been, well, more last minute than I'd like (preparing for this show in two months (!) has me vowing to fire my kiln once a month from now on- or maybe once every two months), they have been successful. I'm loading the last bisque kiln today, for those of you not in the know- pottery gets fired twice (at least)- once for a bisque which allows the clay to vitrify and become more solid or go through quartz inversion, then again to glaze which is the glassy surface. Then I'll have two, maybe three Glaze kilns and then I'll be done, with clay that is.

I still have some painting to do, as well as some sewing, and then display and pricing to sort out. I'll keep ya'll posted about how it's going though- and I apologize for the scarcity of posts- things are busy around here.

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