Monday, October 25, 2010


The past few weeks have been a flurry of activity around here- but now that the craft sale is over- I'm back. We made out okay- I think we'll do things a little differently next year. Things like only selling pottery, and possibly toy barns (K makes them, and there wasn't anything like them at the sale). Also starting work for next year's sale now, and working on it all year so that I have enough stuff and good quality control.

This sale is big and there are some really professional looking booths, but there isn't a lot of art there, there's lots of craft and home invention type things. When people were really taken with my stuff the things they liked were the hand carved unique pieces, the colourful glazes, and the funky-aspect of it (funky is my word- they mostly said weird, in a good way). So that's what I'll capitalize on.

It was a good experience because I learned where my market could be- individual mugs, lots of colours, and hand carved and decorated 'showpieces' (turkey platters, soup tureens, covered dishes, cookie jars). It's perfect for me because that is what I want to do, and it fits in well with what's out there, it allows me to focus on what I like, and maximise my skills. But for today I just want to hang out with my little girl- because I've missed that a lot lately.

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  1. Working so hard, you need a break! Halloween is perfect for that. Glad you made out okay and that there was something to learn. Scattered Seeds, here in Winnipeg, I think it was maybe last weekend. Supposed to be big. Talk to you soon. Tonight - I was helping someone make a rain guage (pardon, pluviometre...). The teaching moments don't always flow downhill, if you know what I mean.