Friday, April 30, 2010

Wee Knit Jumper

This little jumper has been sitting in my knitting basket for about a month waiting for the most minuscule of finishing until it can be worn. Thankfully (almost) the summery weather we've been having broke yesterday, and a fine spring day-with lovely smelling rain emerged. It was a perfect day for a chunky knitted dress.

The dress is adapted from this pattern by Blue Sky Alpacas. I used Bernat Chunky Twists, the colour is fantastic- bright and tulip-y cheerful- we got several pleasant comments on it yesterday- which the girl met with the stony faced seriousness she reserves for strangers.


  1. Astute child. Congrats on finishing the project. So hard to just end it.

  2. I know, what makes it so hard to sew 10 stitches? ridiculous!