Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Inspiration: Edith Carr

Edith Carr, Painted Jug, 1906 (source)
Edith Carr (1856-1919), was Emily's older sister, she looked after the Carr siblings after her parents death. Apparently art ran in the family because she also painted on china, and won awards and sold her pieces too. She was also a founder of the YWCA in Victoria B.C.

The painting on this piece is growing on me, nicely composed and probably at that time pretty different from other painted china. I think in 1906 china painting was a much more delicate business, (I'm thinking roses and baby's breath) with small very detailed scenes being the norm, so perhaps these chunky cherries would have been outstanding then. It's certainly a lovely little pitcher, the colour choices work well, and though now it seems a little ordinary- like I said- in 1906 perhaps it was quite special.


  1. I wonder if Edith ever felt like her artistic efforts were brushed aside compared to her younger sister's work? It is a pretty jug.

  2. I have never heard of her, I guess Emily's star shone much brighter. My friend's Grandmother took art lessons from Emily in the height of her career.

    And I honestly never appreciated her work, but now I understand what an amazing artist she is.


  3. Arg. Blogspot ate my first comment. I'll try again.

    There were 15 years between them, quite an age difference. I'm sure at the time, Edith's work was a much more acceptable outlet for a young woman, and Emily only received kudos for her work rather later in her career.

    It IS a lovely little jug. I admit, all I know of this art form I learned watching Antiques Roadshow! But there are certainly some beautiful items out there.