Monday, September 9, 2013


Well- it's been a year since this cheeky monkey arrived on the scene- and I can't quite remember life before her- it must have seems so quiet with just N and I around the house. Baby A is not a baby anymore, she's a full blown charachter- has been always really, one to just put her head down and figure out the new skill, sitting, then standing then walking- boom-boom-boom. Now running all over- opening cupboard doors(that have handles on them that turn to lock- she's clever this one), taking out the dishes inside and stacking them up in the other room. Always putting on her sisters shoes- and then walking expertly in them despite them being inches too long for her, figuring out how to ask for what she wants with surprisingly clear grunts and hand gestures (she really has that dismissive hand wave down), getting and giving hugs, and kisses- mostly to N, but Mama and Dada sometimes get one too. Singing and Dancing, and playing recorders (seriously) and shakers too.

This kid is a dynamo- and very sweet to boot, Happy Birthday baby girl.

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