Friday, September 6, 2013

In the garden : September 5

Okay- photos are light this week- but things feel crazy- and the batteries in the camera are dead. We've been harvesting from the garden a lot- and also making tomato sauce every day. so far we have 30 packages (of about 2 cups each) in the freezer, and the goal is 52 packs- one for each week- plus a little extra for incidentals. then we'll do salsa, and when the cherry tomatoes are ready (they're just starting) we'll do our oven dried tomatoes.

We also got a bushel of apples from our neighbor- so we've been peeling and slicing those guys- 7 bags in the freezer and still half a bushel left! The garden is till going strong- watermelons are getting ripe, and the baby smells like sweet juicy watermelon most days- her favorite food so far. The cantaloupe style melons we've got planted are turning too- slowly but surely- if we get another few weeks of warms we'll be good.
The sweet potatoes are flowering now too, and the Celeriac actually look like celeriac! The broccoli was ready this week- only a few stems but totally bug free- so our little covers have worked quite well.

We've also been devouring the tomatilloes, and the lemon apple cukes too, a few ground cherries are ripe, and we've been picking the strawberries still- strawberry milkshakes for dessert tonight!

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  1. What gorgeous pictures! You're Lemon Ball cucumbers look delishish...that's one thing that's doing alright for us!