Thursday, June 20, 2013

In the Garden- June 20th

Row covers in the background- looking tiny.

The frame of the row covers without the sheer covering.

Strawberries in bloom! 

Raspberries in bloom too! 

N has a little corner of the garden- beans, corn and peas growing, and
now with the bean tee-pee for her to go inside, it's like a mini- homestead. 

We've reached that point in the summer where the garden looks more like a giant weedy mess than anything else, where the plants are too small to visually count and the pathways look like the rows, and the whole thing makes me think "What have you gotten yourself into?" It doesn't usually last long, and tilling the pathways goes a long way to restoring my confidence, but we are at that point now, and I've been weeding and mulching to try to rescue the plants from their weedy captors (wouldn't life be easier if we could eat quack grass and round leaved mallow?)

The other thing we've been focusing on this week is putting up the bean tee-pees, and the row covers. We only have two out there so far, well only two made actually, and as usual the things that looked huge in the shop look tiny out in the field. We've made them ten feet long, and three feet wide, and we planted 12 cabbages in one, and about 15-20 broccoli in the other. The plants can push out the sides of the row covers so I think they'll have enough space.  I still have some trellises to make for the cucumbers, but I love the height they give to the garden, It lets me know that something green will be that big at some point in the summer

Posting along with Amanda, if you want to please share a link to your garden update in the comments.

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