Tuesday, June 18, 2013


A: Big Toothy smiles all the time with this kid, the other shots this week were mostly obscured by her hand reaching for the camera, though the one eye showing in those pictures is always clear and delightfully happy.

N: Summertime is upon us and my kid is nuts. There is no way to describe the week we've had with N, except perhaps to say that my eyelid is twitching. This week we've been working at finding N's usual temper, which is not exactly tractable, but also not quite as wild as she's been. It's a difficult path to tread though- requiring a vast amount of patience, and humour, and thinking outside the box, and it wears me out- I feel like I'm avoiding landmines, reminding myself to tread carefully, and go gently. She is a delightful child, and much of her charm is in her unique, imaginative and willful spirit, but she needs routine, and personal challenges, and attention, or she tends to go a bit berserk.

Posting along with Jodi.

Love these shots- such amazing eyes!

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