Sunday, April 28, 2013


A: Tiny rain boots that I'm sure have never been given such a thorough stomping in puddles (they are hand me downs, I think they've gone through at least 3 kids, but they look brand new, because size five feet do not often actually touch the ground outside). She is standing up on her own this week, a lot, which is terrifying to us parents. She gives the impression that she doesn't really know what's going on because she's so laissez faire about the fact that she is STANDING. UP. ON. HER. OWN. but I think actually to her it's just one more thing that she knew she could do anyhow, no big deal.

N: my big girl, so grown up. This week she has been using the term " No Harm Done" whenever someone bumps her, by accident- she said it to a woman while we were shopping and the woman nearly bust a gut laughing, so did I, only to be informed by N very seriously that it was not a joke.  She's also picked up the term "disaster zone"- in relation to the house, because I have been sewing in the dining room this week (picture cats eating thread, kids playing with pins, fabric and toys everywhere). I should note that "Disaster Zone" is said in two completely different ways depending on who is saying it- if it's me it's muttered under my breath, or out loud in shocked dismay, if it's her it's usually said with pride, " Is it a disaster zone in here mom?" (picture the giant smile on her face).

Favorite shot this week- - baby legs are adorable, no two ways about it.

posting along with Jodi as usual.

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