Sunday, April 7, 2013


N: playing with a Christmas she found under the couch, thank goodness that was the only thing under there! K tried to teach her the right way to say ridiculous this week, and I tried to stop him from doing it- she says ' bidiculous' and it is hilariously cute, I fear the day she grows out of it. She also surprised us all, Nana included, by talking about cartilage during a car ride- it took her a few tries to get get us to understand her- 'cartilage' was not what we were expecting to hear.

A: I had to include the picture of this babe standing up- at seven months! she is pulling herself up and standing on everything she can get her hands on- even unstable things, and will frequently just crawl out of the room by herself, as if she's got places to go. She's also getting teeth, and so she was doing that restless sort of constant nursing, you know, the kind that involves baby trying to do all sorts of aerobic activity while latched on, and leaves you feeling sweaty and annoyed, does anyone elses baby do that?

My favorite from last week- Flight Platform Living- the bubbles are so lovely!

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  1. oh how lovely to be somebody's favourite! thank you! oh i know that feeling with the language, i stopped my husband from corrected my POppy she used to say sheeps and mens and cumber for cucumber....oh and she also was walking before 9 months!! so yes my baby did that too! she was talking in full sentences by 17 months xxx

  2. Sweet babies! Is it just me or is that Christmas ornament in danger? It appears to be keeping very still until it can escape.

  3. Now that you mention it the expression on N's face is a bit reminiscent of the dispassionate interrogator...