Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Environment Canada (the weather source I favor  as they seem a little less optimistic,generally, than the 'weather network', and I prefer a pleasant surprise), says it will get to -4 this afternoon, but that it is currently -25 outside. It's already 11 am, and it's usually warmest at noon at this time of year, so.... yeah....I think they're lying just to make us feel better. It's darn cold this winter, and it usually is in Manitoba, I also usually welcome the colder weather, I like the seasonal aspects of northern living, despite it's harshness I like Manitoba's climate. But this year I'm really noticing the effect it has on my 3 yr old. For optimum sleep she needs a good run now and then outside, but it's usually too cold to do that this year- especially with the babe. Last night N was up at 5 a.m and besides the serious baggage she's got under her eyes, not too many ill effects, me on the other hand- not so chipper. Three year olds are so. much. fun.

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  1. I could leave it at "no comments" but I agree with you that the cold is a major inhibitor of activity. And these winds sure help identify all the vulnerable points in my winter gear, but other than that, I was fine with the mild winter last year.