Monday, January 21, 2013


N's favorite cozy pants- made by mama, I have to stop her from wearing them in public because the seams have popped in some spots, and they're impossibly bally, and getting short after the latest growth spurt, but I love that she loves them. And little A who is a squirmy mass of baby these days- minutes away from crawling I'm sure, always wanting to stand up, always wanting to grab stuff, so wonderfully happy to see me that she often throws herself around in dad's arms, even when I've only been away for five minutes, it's my reward for all the late nights.

Posting along with Che and Fidel.


  1. Found you via Che and Fidel. I love the facial expression on N's face in the photo! Such a great one.

  2. I agree N's facial expression says there is so much going on in her little mind, it's lovely.

  3. So grown up with the pig tails! Beautiful to see.