Friday, April 27, 2012

In the studio

I'm most charmed by the carving on this piece, and the glaze looks much better in this photo than it does on line.

Mostly sewing this week folks, a bit of jean patching for the Hubby, and some maternity shirts- which I'm working on a tutorial for, also a few alterations on a dress I bought myself a while ago (on sale- beautiful print and fabric, but sort of weird spaghetti straps/ unflattering fit). I'll take some photos of them when the sun comes out again- they're summery tops, and the weather has been a little wintry this week (well- it was 25 at the beginning of the week, and now it's freezing rain on Friday, so who the heck knows what season it is in Manitoba)

I also fired the Kiln and glazed my vases- which I was less than impressed by, perhaps that's why no clay has gone on in the studio this week. I'll re fire them- but all in all the colours were too wishy washy, and the gloss surface that I love on mugs, is just not right for carved pieces, it's looks a bit too, I don't know flashy, and I'm going for classy. So yeah, back to the drawing board.

I'll mix up some satin matte glazes and see if any of them will do better, also I'll try some more intense stain levels, maybe that will be what I'm looking for- they're very pastel right now, and just not jiving with the image I have of them in my head. I'll get there in the end, I know (I'm not garaunteeing how far away 'the end' is, mind you) though it can be so frustrating to have it turn out not quite right. Time to get he sewing stuff cleared away, and get back  on the clay horse I suppose.

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  1. Those are....unutterably gorgeous! I'm completely in love! And you said you did a little humble of you! I think I can see both my sisters' Christmas presents from here!