Friday, April 6, 2012

In the studio: March 26-April 6


A slightly pale glaze test- things turned out a little less saturated than I'd like-
 but it did give me a testing starting point or two.

Okay so I missed a week last week I actually got a lot done- but I didn't get a post written- also I didn't get much done this week, so it's sort of a catch up post. I did a glaze fire and a Bisque fire since I wrote last- finished a carved platter and a carved vase, and just today loaded another glaze kiln, so I've been keeping up- of course I've also been increasingly filling pots and starting seeds, so that's been keeping me a bit busy.

So yes- on to the pots- I've glazed the birch carved gray boat- and I really love it- I think the size is just right now that it's fired down, a bit big- but also big enough for a turkey gravy, and I love the way that the black glaze rubbed off highlights the carving. I also love the seashell platter- it looks very special in person, though small- it shrunk down to almost dinner plate size- though actually I think I may do more un-carved (with maybe a small pressed in lace embellishment) for a set of oval dinner plates- just clear or white glazed would be nice I think.

I did have a few stinker mugs though, most notably the four diamond impressed ones- which I did in four colours, rubbed off on the outside solid on the inside- I took off too much in some spots- not enough in others- they are going back in the kiln to see if I can improve them- I really loved the pattern. I'll have to make more like that- oh well, c'est la vie, especially in clay.

Also we've been dreaming up a stone patio area with a clay oven outside, and clearing up some rather scraggly trees around the yard, not to mention the super unsightly rock garden. And inside all the early stuff is planted, and the flower seeds are winter sown in milk jugs, things are looking mighty green around here...

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