Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vintage Treasures

I love thrift store shopping- I was raised on it- and whenever my mom asks you to guess how much an item cost her you should always start at 5 cents, always, sometimes it's true, and even when it's not, it's probably not too far off. Anyways- usually there isn't too much for me but I always go and check out one place in particular because they have great sewing notions, old thread, and buttons, knitting needles, lace trims, I go with whatever change I have in my pocket, and try not to spend over that amount.

The other day I was dropping off some old clothes there and went in with 2.75, and I had some great luck- five of those small blue and white plates- 25 cents each, and the red and white table runner for 75 cents- but actually it was half price! Also the jello mold for 25 cents, which I plan to use to bake coffee cake in. I left the place with change!

One of the great things about shopping at second hand stores is that usually your money is going towards a good cause,  and I love the older church -run thrift stores for exactly this reason- when you buy something at Value village- it's still Eco -friendly and all, but it's essentially mimicking a department store, and they're not a non-profit organization. When you support the smaller stores you're probably contributing to your local non-profits, and that's important, and Eco-friendly, and Human-friendly. Also, though it's less important, when you step into these stores, it's just like stepping back in time, they charge ridiculously low prices for things, and it makes me feel nostalgic and just generally happy. 

 P.S. I wasn't sure I could bake in the mold- but I looked it up- and sure enough it's just coloured aluminium, not copper, so it's safe to bake in- you wouldn't want to bake in unlined copper pans, or jello molds with any sort of varnish on them.

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  1. That coffee cake you served baked in that mold was phenom!!