Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Baking

Lemon Curd

Marshmallow cookies before their final chocolate coating

My Marshmallow bearded child

Sometimes a blurry picture just expresses the moment better, don't you think?
I was really getting going on my Christmas baking for a while there last week- but then the babe and I got a cold, and now the super tart lemon curd is the only thing I can actually taste- and it just tastes mildly lemony at that. So of course I've lost all desire to bake- because if you can't taste it what's the point? Ah well- the sense of smell is coming back- I can sort of smell the Christmas tree again, the babe is losing that 'glazed doughnut' face a runny nose will give you (especially if you blow your nose by making the sound with your mouth only, or better yet- just saying "BLOW" or "ACHOO" into the Kleenex, which while being hilarious, has a less funny end result).

In other news the Christmas sewing is done! So I can now focus on making eggnog and drinking egg nog, as soon as I can taste it.

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