Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's already thursday?!?

Ah well- if nothing else here's a picture of my kid using the cat as a pillow.
We've been sleeping this week- I'd finally hit the wall of sleep deprivation on Sunday night- and went to bed shivery and nauseous feeling - with N, at 8 pm. And since then I've been taking naps with her too- this whole night waking- toddler teething thing has caught up to me and as much as I was getting accomplished during her nap time- it wasn't really serving me well. I felt as sleep deprived as I did when she was weeks old- which was okay then because people assumed I wasn't up for much and they encouraged me to nap with her and feed my family peanut butter for supper and stuff like that. So this week has been for sleeping, and it's amazing how a couple of days of naps coupled with no happy toddler face staring at you at 4 am can re stock your shelves so to speak.
As you can imagine not too much else is going on here- just a batch of cookies, a pot of soup, some loaves of sourdough, and a very interesting pasta that used salsa as a sauce and had elk sausage and shrimp in it- yum, yum.

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