Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slow days

Hi all, I'm having a few slow days around here- not that they're really slow we've been busy- but they're not really blog worthy-plus my oven's been broken for the last week and it's getting me down- no Christmas baking! seriously?? Not to mention that sourdough starter just sitting there in the fridge. The new element for the oven should come in the next day or two, it's the second one we've ordered- our stove is old-maybe 20 years old I'd guess-and the first element we got was the only one like it in all of Canada, but it wasn't the right one, so now we're on element number 2, and this one better fit, or K's going to have to make it fit.

I tried to lessen the pain by fixing up some marshmallows (cinnamon flavoured- so good) and hot chocolate on a stick- but it only took the edge off a bit- what I really need are some sugar cookies (preferably moose shaped like my new cookie cutters that I was saving for Christmas) and a roast chicken, or baked ham, or pulled pork shoulder. Oh well, my niece got an easy bake oven for her birthday- how long do you think it would take a light bulb to cook a turkey anyways?

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