Monday, December 6, 2010

Bathtime Blues

We've been having a bit of a problem lately- N is not pleased about having baths- at all-in fact to say she's 'not pleased' is a bit of an understatement and doesn't really do justice to her fury. The best way to explain her recent attitude is that it's as though the bathtub is full of boiling oil- or she's been possessed by a demon. It's all a bit much- but I've been trying to help her through this- it started after a bath time 'helper' poured a little too much water over her head- she got scared and ever since that she's hated baths. At this point I think that the incident was too long ago (about a month) and so now she probably just remembers that now she hates baths- and acts accordingly.

I've tried getting into the bath with her- which worked for a while- but now I can't get her sit down in the tub, even if I'm in it too, and she stats screeching as soon as I get out- and she climbs out of the tub herself, which is dangerous even when she's not blind with anger. Plus, frankly, I'm kind of sick of having to strip down every evening for bath time, also I don't want that to be her new normal-(mommy having to have a bath with her)- so I'm a bit anxious to just start getting into the tub with her every night as a way to solve this, but maybe that's what I have to do?

Has anyone else dealt with this? How do I get her to relax and enjoy bath time again?


  1. Maybe try a new doll who needs baths?
    And maybe new doll is scared of the bath and would like a friend to make her feel better.
    And/or - only fill the tub an inch deep.
    Use a facecloth to wash hair until she can handle laying on her back in an inch of water to rinse her hair.
    Other option for your daily baths...if she won't have a bath...she has to have a shower with you.
    Sorry to hear about the stress.

  2. We did have some bathtime success last night- using a lego robot that needed a bath that K made and mommy in the tub with her. Tried giving her a shower with me too, but that wasn't so fun for her either.
    good tip about the washcloth to wash hair though- that worked good!