Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Well hello there...I've been thinking of you. Things have been busy, and hectic, and I've been caught up in trying to make things cozy and just right for winter, and taking a course on reduction lino printing, and making clay stuff, and getting into the rhythm of school, and being outraged at Jian Ghomeshi, and Steven Harper, and, well, things, you know. During it all I've been wondering about this space- and it's purpose, and if I need it, or if I add anything to this excellent internet community, or just what is it all for anyhow.

I've realized lately that "what is it for?" is one of those negative mantras of mine, one of those things that crops up in my head and puts a stop to any positive creative energy. My creative center will say- "how about this?" and my serious side will say "what is it for?" and the creative center just shrinks down and shrugs, while backing away. It's not helpful, and even though I know what it's for - creative expression, joy, beauty, chronicling my experience in the hopes that it relates to someone, I still get hung up on that "what is it for?". The reality is that I create things all the time, it's part of who I am, I can't help it, and even when those things are utilitarian- I still make use of creativity to do it differently, or better, or prettier, or even, not much better or prettier- but much more complicated.

And so maybe "what is it for?" is not the best way to approach the blog- but rather- "how does it serve me?" or better yet "how does it serve those of you who actually read it?". I think that I am not a writer, I can write- passably some days- but actually it's not my strong suit, I do love taking photographs- but often I find my camera is just not there when I need it, The garden is worth documenting- but it's a bit boring probably for all of you. The Monday Inspiration posts are successful in that it really does serve me- as I get to expand my knowledge, and you- dear reader- as you find it interesting- (I presume).

So there's one aspect to keep. The photos of the kids is again tricky- because as N grows I feel that she sort of outgrows the space, and I wonder how she'll feel about it as an older kid, and A is honestly hard to capture on film, not being the camera hound that N is. But I do love documenting them this way- I love that the images are there for friends and family far away, and that people get a sense of our days here, not just annual Holiday photos. Possibly a photo journal mentality would be best then- not too much info and quicker for me. A record of our days, so maybe a weekly photo heavy post would be best there- 'this week', or 'lately', or something along those lines.

The other thing I'd love to document here is the studio work in studio season, and the garden in garden season, that's a bit tough as sometimes other things get in the way and I've got nothing new to show you- but as the kids get older I hope to get more of a routine going. I also hope to open up an online store soon, errr... maybe soon, and it might be nice to have it connected here so you could see a piece get worked through right to the end.

So that means- 'Monday Inspiration', then a 'Lately' post with photos of our week, then a weekly garden/studio post too. Okay- I think that's sorted out. If you're still reading this unspeakably boring brainstorm- thanks for being a sounding board- let me know what you think.


  1. Gosh Angela...I totally "hear" you. So much of what you write is what I also think about my blog. And I do hate it so much when my practical side comes up and begins to ask questions. Most of the time I'm lucky since my creative side overpowers him and I'm left to my own devices...but as an artistic person that often means many more ideas that what a person would have time to manage in 3 lifetimes...let alone one.

    I'm so burning mad about Jian I can barely speak about it. I really want to do a post on it, but haven't been able to formulate the words.

    I personally feel that you are a brilliant writer. I often look to you for inspiration.

    Of course your photos are you've shown again here.

    I think that as we grow and change as people our blogs do the same. I've been looking back on my blog as I'm transferring over to WordPress soon and it truly is like a scrapbook/diary of my life and it has changed dramatically over the years.

    For me, once I no longer connect with my blog or my readers, as a way of communicating with myself and the world, I will give it up and move onto another creative outlet.

    I say as long as you enjoy it...keep doing it.

    Seeing your ceramics all lined up like that is amazing! Can't wait to see them all finished.


  2. Autumn can be a surprisingly busy season, especially in the country. I'm way behind on blogging and reading myself. I'm also outraged at Jian Ghomeshi, and Steven Harper (always). A blog does make a great record you can look back on later and remember even mundane things like how the weather was when. And regular photo posts help you remember to always look for beauty where ever you go : ) Kids are cute as ever. Sheri