Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It was suspiciously quiet when I walked in the kitchen... then I saw the sugar bowl

Is there a sweeter age than 2? I think not, especially when the 2 yr old in question is already so lovable and adorable you could just about burst from the cuteness. My sweet baby A is two today, and I can't believe it's only been two years since she meandered into our lives (seriously- the Dr told me 'any day now' two weeks before she actually came- longest two weeks of my life, and K's Life, and My mom who flew in from BC, on short notice the day after she'd returned from a visit here). She's taken us all by storm, no one can resist her charm.

She is mismischievous, smart, kind, loving, curious, charming, and starting to show an unnerving stubborn streak. Not that she screams till she gets her way- she just persists, over and over and over again, sweetly ignoring you while you say no, over and over and over again, until you start to feel silly and give in, or forcibly remove her, or distract her with something else (chocolate works... as do iPhones, iPods, or iPads). She never screams, never did, only cries when she's hurt, or in pain, or annoyed about someone taking her toy away (usually my iPod, or the phone of anyone trusting enough to give it to her), and when she does cry it's usually brief. She's adorable to the core, and whip smart too.

I love that she smiles like me- big and wide and until her eyes disappear into little creases.
I love that she's so attached to her sister- those two melt my heart daily with their connection.
I love that she asks " Can I... (help, cut, bake, paint, play, read)? in the cutest little voice.
I love the way she says 'Otay', and talks a mile a minute when she gets the chance, in full sentences no less.

She is just starting to grow into the person that she will become, but already there are some clear traits that shine through, compassion, and love, and fun, and intelligence, (and probably an ability to maneuver people exactly where she wants them, but in a way that makes them love her for it). She's going to be a dynamo one day, this girl, and I'm so happy to be in on that ride. Happy Birthday Baby girl!

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  1. Cuteness overload here.. Loving her mischievous grin in the first shot. She is darling.