Friday, July 25, 2014

In The Garden: July 24

Morden Blush Rose

Morden blush rose opening- so pretty.

Wild Bergamont- Monarda Fistulosa



Lacinato Kale

Sparrow eggs

Summer is flitting by- but some milestones are here- snap peas, lettuce, flowers blooming, the weeds are overwhelming. It's getting under control, slowly, I had a day without the kids this week- and it was amazing how much stuff I got done- I kept looking at the clock and thinking that time was moving in slow motion. It's heartening to know that one day I'll actually be able to look after this enormous garden. This year things are not pretty- I think it'll still produce enough food and all that- but it's not super photogenic, except in the close ups. Hope your summer gardens are going well- or even just your summer is going well- I'll try to post a bit more frequently- until then- cheers!


  1. The macro shots are just stunning. Also the ones of the kids really capture everything that is wonderful about a garden in the summer.


  2. I LOVE the one of N loading the large onion -- - - and of A just smiling charmingling -- - - - and showing your big big garden - - yes it IS growing wonderfully even if you are a bit underaffected bit all all - - - it is pretty magnificent and hope you realize that - - GOOD FOR YOU - - it IS really special!!!!

  3. With vegetable gardens, the proof is in the to speak. Or more fully,
    the proof of the garden is in the eating : )

    Some great colours in those shots...the green snap peas, the blue borage, the orange calendula, the red raspberry...