Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the garden: August 22

The peppers are also starting to happen- we're growing a hybrid red bell pepper this year- with the thought that they would produce better, maybe than our self started heirlooms, but actually no, they haven't. Next year we need to find the right pepper variety, or stop growing peppers, ditto with eggplant. I don't know what's up with these guys but hey are not setting fruit, and the flowers are just drying up, the leaves are turning brown, and I've got no time to figure out this mystery... another thing to figure out when the kids are bigger.

The corn is giant, but not ready yet, and the long island cheese pumpkins growing around the base are also late. I love this arrangement though, the squash grows so nicely around the base of the corn, and the larkspur and calendula are so charming mixed in there. The summer savory is abuzz with bees, we've cut only a small portion of the herbs, and we've already got a mason jar full, I think I'll keep drying it though, it's so nice to have, and fresh and fragrant- would make nice Christmas gifts too...

The tomatoes are slowly starting to ripen, the jaune flamee is awesome- so pretty, and sweet. yummy. We've started picking the saved black krim/cherokee purple tomatoes- so far we've got 250 green tomatoes inside, from only 20 plants, and we've only picked the giant ones. We've been picking our tomatoes green for the last few years, and letting them ripen inside, which is a nice way to get them off the vine, and they do ripen nicely inside- it's much easier to process them that way as well.

how is your garden growing?

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