Tuesday, July 23, 2013


A: still too young to eat the marshmallows- but not too young to haul the bag all over the yard as everyone else gets the fire going.

N: a rare nice smile for the photograph, it doesn't happen often, silly faces usually prevail, but oh my how sweet she can look!

We had a campfire on one of the hottest days this year- so hot that we almost gave up, but instead we just sort sweated our way through- enjoying it despite the sweltering heat, wet cloths around the necks of both kids, and the fire roaring a good distance away- I hate to say it- but I think fall and spring are much more campfire friendly.

joining in with Jodi 

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  1. She looks like a marshmallow. I can't explain that, but it just fits. Spent a lot of time this week noticing the similarities with you and the kids - all those photos! XO