Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Winter Walk

It snowed here in earnest a few days ago (it's mostly melted away- what weird winter weather we're having in Manitoba), and N and I went out to use her snowsuit at least once this winter, we had a delightful time pushing the snow around, and trying in vain to build snowmen with the dry fluffy snow, and hanging up some oranges for the birds (I have no idea if the birds in our area like oranges, I suspect not actually, but at least they look nice hanging from the tree).

We have been feeding the bids lately, and have some nice ones in residence here at the farm, blue Jays, Woodpeckers (or sapsuckers I guess?), chickadees, nuthatches, juncos and sparrows. It's a real delight to have these friendly birds around, Maybe one day I'll try feeding them out of my hand, like we used to do growing up in B.C. I remember the odd thrill of feeling their tiny spindly claws attach to your finger, the light weight of them, suddenly taking off.

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